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Frappato, bag in box

Frappato / I.G.P. Terre Siciliane / organic agriculture / ICEA certification

The wines that we provide in boxes are a result of a very precise company “policy”: The picked “in excess” which has no way of being bottled is bought by the cooperative anyway in a way to guarantee a fair price to the partners, avoiding that way to end up in markets that would debase the value. Besides the product so packed responds to a precise market request, less committing and lighter than the bottle.

Area of origin
Sicilia, Alcamo

Included wine varieties
100% Frappato

Cultivation process

Yield (in quintals of grapes per Ha)
80 quintali/Ha

Wine making
The grapes are hand picked and transported to the winery inside small cases. Subsequently they are de-stemmed and added to the must at a natural fermentation prepared in the previous days with the grapes of the same vineyard. The fermentation proceeds for about nine days at a temperature of 25°C at the end of which the pomace is separated from the wine and pressed. After the malolactic fermentation, which also happens spontaneously, the wine refines for the following winter and spring in stainless steel before bottling.

Wine ageing:
6 months in stainless steel

Organoleptic characteristics
Colour pale ruby red. Smell: it’s characterized for its fresh and vinous notes, followed by hints of cherry and pomegranate. Taste: to the palate it presents a good structure and persistence, a soft tannin with a blueberry and raspberry final.

Serving Temperature

Available format
3 lt boxes

Technical information


Contains sulfites


3 lt

Storage instructions

keep in a cool place away from light

Origin and certification

Prodotto e imbottigliato da
Cooperativa agricola Valdibella
via Belvedere, 91
90042 Camporeale (Pa)
Sicilia, Italia
N. D16I


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