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Tin blend oil 3 lt

Organic extra virgin olive oil

This Valdibella oil is produced from olives (blend of Cerasuola, Nocellara del Belìce and Biancolilla) grown on the land of our members, in the territories of Camporeale and Monreale. The olive tree grows well in the Mediterranean climate and adapts to different types of soil. In our estates the olive tree is grown in the hills to avoid water stagnation on soils of a varied nature, generally medium-textured with good clayey presence.

3 cultivars
Cerasuola: Ancient variety cultivated in our territory, it presents a great longevity of the qualitative characteristics. It has the highest polyphenol content. The sensory profile to the smell is felt artichoke, tomato and grass. The taste is very fruity with a spicy and bitter note. Very persistent.
Nocellara del Belice: Ancient variety perhaps the oldest present in our companies. It produces an oil with very intense olive fruitiness and high persistence. It has a characteristic hint of artichoke and also green almond. It has a bitter and spicy note and has a medium longevity.
Biancolilla: Variety of more recent cultivation. In our high hill areas with excellent production and quality results. The oil is very fruity with a sweet taste since the first months after extraction. The duration of the characteristics is average. It has a sweet taste with hints of almond and tomato, balanced spicy in the first months, then decreases with the passage of time.

Cultivation technique
We apply cultivation programs to increase biodiversity and minimize soil tillage. We practice shredding pruning residues and legume crops. Generally we do not practice any insecticide or fungicide treatment. Sometimes it is necessary to intervene against the peacock eye and in this case we practice an intervention with copper-based products, while against the olive fly we practice repellent interventions with kaolin or agricultural plaster. On the other hand, pruning and suckering are carried out every year. The collection is manual and takes place at the beginning of veraison; it usually falls between 10 and 15 October and lasts until 15-20 in November. The ideal time is when the percentage of green olives are at least 70% of the total.

Extraction and storage method
The extraction takes place within 24 hours in cold with temperatures below 27 °C. The extraction method is continuous cycle. The storage takes place in steel silos, in a cool place. The oil is naturally decanted and unfiltered, the oil thus obtained is green in color with golden reflections, with an acidity of less than 0.3%.

Technical information


higher category oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means


3 liters

method of use

Ready to use

Storage instructions

Store in a cool, dry place and protected from light

Origin and certification

Cooperativa Agricola Valdibella
Via Belvedere 91
90046 Camporeale
Italia – Sicilia
32295 – ICEA IT BIO 004

packed at
Azienda agricola Accardo s.s.
c.da Incrastone
90046 Monreale
Sicilia – Italia

Nutritional table

Nutritional average values per 100 g:
energy 3378 kJ / 822 kcal; fats 91 g; of which saturated 14 g; carbohydrates 0 g; of which sugars 0 g; fiber 2.9 g; protein 0 g; salt 0 g.


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