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Timilia is an old variety of Sicilian hard wheat. It is a plant that ripens late and has evolved naturally over the centuries.
It’s not genetically modified.

Timilia offers a good production of proteins, even if it has a low index of gluten and it’s rich in polyphenols and antioxidants.
Being of high nutritional value Timilia helps us preserve the environment.

We cultivate it without the use of pesticides and without fertilizers, according to the organic regime.
It’s a culture that favours biodiversity.

We save the wheat in a controlled temperature to keep the nutrients intact. Our pasta is realized using durum wheat flour and spring water, it is dried slowly at a low temperature.
We have a short and controlled production chain.

Valdibella is guardian (Ministerial Decree of 5 March 2018, unique article) of its own seeds. We preserve the value for future generations.
For a free agriculture respecting both man and the environment.

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