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Agricultural training

Practical school of agro ecology

The practical school of agro-ecology proposes itself as support to a basic agriculture and an ample space will be dedicated to the learning techniques of management of the crops with days of practical experience in the field. The school will propose an annual program, happening with the organic cycles of the plants. On the schedule three types of meetings: a beginner course based on the conversion to the agro-ecology, of the training days with the focus on some specific aspects (like for example the identification of the insects and the organic control of the crops) and finally of the days dedicated to the final consumer, subject that closes entirely the agricultural process of which it is the main character.
The whole schedule in this link

Food school

It’s about playful/educational paths dedicated to children and to boys and girls to encourage them being close to the good agricultural practices that later on can change them in good eating habits. Planting vegetables, observing the work of the bees, following the production chain of the wheat until its planning will be some of the appointments that the food school will organize over the year.

The whole schedule in this link

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