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Organic Washington Navel Oranges, 9 kg box

The story behind the Washington Navel may seem unusual. It is said that in 1820, at a Benedictine convent in Brazil, monks noticed a spontaneous mutation on a branch of a large bitter orange tree. A fruit had appeared which was quite different from the others and it had a distinctly sweet taste. From then on, through grafting, they began cultivating this type of orange which has come down to us today.

Washington Navels (also known as the common Brazilian orange) ripen between January and the end of spring. Like all navel oranges, it is characterized by the peculiarity for which it is named. Exactly opposite the petiole one finds something resembling a belly button — or navel. This feature is, in fact, an underdeveloped second fruit.

Light and nutritious with a perfect balance of sugars and acids, the oranges are nutritious and naturally well suited to provide for one’s daily expenditure of energy.

Also, if we may add one suggestion: do not underestimate the peel. It can be used to flavour tea; in the oven to add an aromatic element in the preparation of breaded vegetables; it is also excellent at enhancing the taste of, for example, cabbage and cauliflower.

Technical information

In the box

Organic Washington Navel Oranges, 9 kg box

origin and manufacturer

Gimmy Sala e suo padre Giuseppe hanno una azienda agricola di 5 ettari, in biologico dal 1998, nell’entroterra collinare della provincia di Agrigento, a Ribera. Un territorio particolarmente vocato alla coltivazione degli agrumi che, grazie all’escursione termica tra il giorno e la notte, conferisce ai frutti alta qualità e li rende particolarmente gustosi.
La raccolta si articola tra novembre e febbraio di ogni anno. La prima scelta viene confezionata in cassette o scatole e venduta a poche ore dalla raccolta. La seconda scelta (calibro troppo piccolo o qualche imperfezione nella buccia) viene, invece, trasformata nei nostri laboratori, in modo da evitare a Gimmy qualsiasi perdita e garantirgli un giusto e ottimale compenso.


9 kg

Method of use

Ready to use

Storage conditions

keep in a cold and dry place

Origin and certification


Cooperativa agricola Valdibella
Via Belvedere 91
90043 Camporeale
Sicilia – Italia

Confezionato da Makellon,
cooperativa agricola
c.da Fargione, Monreale (Pa)


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